Terms of Service

Run It Back Terms


1.                 You must read and accept these terms to use the Run It Back service.

These terms are a legally binding contract between you and us (RBC Ventures Inc., a direct wholly owned subsidiary of Royal Bank of Canada) for the use of the Run It Back service (“Run It Back”).

To use Run It Back, you must read and agree to these terms by checking the on-screen box. By checking the box, you also confirm you are the age of majority in the place where you live.  

These terms apply to you on the date you check the box.

We will email you a link to the version of these terms that you have accepted, please keep a copy for your records.  You can also view the current version at any time on the Run It Back website.

These terms do not change any other agreement between us or that you may have with one of our subsidiaries or affiliates.

Additional terms, conditions, instructions or disclaimers that appear on your screen when using Run It Back form part of these terms, and you accept them by continuing to use Run It Back.

2.                 Services

By “services” we mean all the features, functions, content and information that we provide through Run It Back. The services currently include pick-up of Returns in select neighbourhoods and delivery to an eligible postal or courier service for shipping. There may be times or locations when or where some or all of the services are not available.

Returns means packages containing items you are sending back to the vendor from whom they were purchased.  Returns must be securely sealed in packaging with the Run It Back Return Label and shipping label clearly visible.  Returns cannot contain any hazardous or illegal materials. Returns must also have a total dollar value of less than $300.00 (as evidenced  by your purchase receipt) and weigh less than 35kg.  Returns can only be delivered to FedEx, Purolator, UPS, Canpar, DHL and Canada Post.

Run It Back Return Label means the sticker provided by Run It Back to you for placement on packages in order to identify them as Returns to be picked up by Run It Back.

 We only provide the services in English.

 The services may change over time. We may give you notice of changes as described in the “Changes” section.

 3.                 Fees

To use Run It Back you have to pay the applicable fees (plus applicable taxes) for the services you select. We will give you prior notice of any changes in fees, in accordance with the “Changes” section.

4.                 Privacy

Collecting information about you

We will collect information about you, such as:

(i)    Personal information like your Run It Back, home address, email address and phone number.

(ii)  Information for providing the services.

(iii) Information about credit and debit transactions that you make through Run It Back.

We can collect this information from you, from sources that you give us, or from any other sources.

Using information about you

We can use the information that we collect about you for the following purposes:

(i)    to create your profile and provide you with the services;

(ii)  to determine if you are eligible for products and services;

(iii) to help us better understand the needs of our users;

(iv)  to help us better manage and improve our business, our technology and your relationship with us; and

(v)   as required or permitted by law.

Sharing information about you

We can share the information about you, for these purposes, with our service providers. These service providers must keep the information confidential. If a service provider is located outside Canada, the laws of that jurisdiction will apply to the service provider and to the information, and the information may be disclosed according to those laws.

We can also share information about you with our subsidiaries and affiliates for the following purposes:

(i)                to manage our risks and operations and those of our subsidiaries and affiliates;

(ii)              to comply with valid requests for information about you from regulators or other entities who have a right to issue such requests; and

(iii)            to let our subsidiaries and affiliates know your choices under optional uses, for the sole purpose of honouring your choices.

Optional uses of your information

We can use information that we collect about you in the following ways, unless you opt out:

(i)                To promote products and services (from us or third parties) that you may be interested in.

(ii)              To share with our subsidiaries and affiliates for the purpose of referring you to them or promoting products and services that you may be interested in. Our subsidiaries and affiliates can advise us of the products or services they provide to you.

(iii)            To consolidate the information that we have about you with any information that our subsidiaries and affiliates may have about you, so that we can all more effectively manage our relationships with you.

You can opt out of these optional uses by contacting us as set out in the Communications and Notices section. We will respect your choices. 

Your right to access information about you

You can obtain any personal information that we have about you at any time (subject to applicable laws) and have it amended as appropriate. You can do so by contacting us as set out in the Communications and Notices section.

You may obtain more information about our enterprise privacy policies by visiting www.rbc.com/privacysecurity.

Using non-personal information

We may create informational reports containing statistics, rules and data insights, as well as analysis and predictive models, based on information about you and other customers. The reports contain aggregated and de-identified information, not personal information, and cannot be used to identify you. These reports may be shared with third parties.

5.                 Communications and Notices

You can contact us at info@runitback.ca. 

We will contact you and provide notices using the contact information that you provide to us. Our primary form of communication is text message and email so please make sure your contact information is correct and up-to-date at all times.

If you have consented, we may send you promotional materials by email unless you change your communication preferences by unsubscribing. Changes to your communication preferences for promotional content will not change how we communicate with you for operational and non-promotional content.

6.                 If Run It Back has an app.

By downloading the app on your device you consent to install it and you consent to any updates. You can withdraw your consent by deleting the app from your device.

If you have enabled push notifications on your device, we can send push notifications. These notifications are only for convenience and information purposes, unless you have consented to receive promotional push notifications within the app. You can enable or disable push notifications on your device settings or you can change your promotional push notification preferences within the app (if applicable).

7.                 Termination

Without giving you notice, we can suspend or terminate your access to Run It Back and terminate these terms, for any of the following reasons:

(i)              You fail to pay the fees that you owe when due;

(ii)             You violate or attempt to violate any part of these terms; or

(iii)            You commit an unlawful act.

If we give you 15-days prior notice, we can suspend or terminate your access to Run It Back for any reason and terminate these terms.

We are not responsible for any loss or inconvenience that you may experience as a result of us suspending or terminating your access to Run It Back. 

To delete your profile and terminate these terms and your access to Run It Back, you can contact us using the contact information provided in the Communication & Notices section.

The provisions under the Ownership and Liabilities &Indemnities sections will survive any termination of these terms.  

If we terminate the Services or your access to Run It Back, or if you delete your profile, we will refund any fees that have been pre-paid. This means if the termination happens after you have paid for the month, but before the month is over, we will pay you a prorated amount representing the fees for the rest of the month. 

8.                 Changes

Unless relevant laws or regulations say otherwise, we can change any part of the services without giving you notice and change anything in these terms by giving you notice of the change either before or after the change. When giving you notice, we will send you a link to the updated version of these terms. If you use Run It Back after we give you notice of the change, you are deemed to have reviewed and accepted the updated terms.

9.                 Instructions

If you provide sign-in credentials to use Run It Back, then we can accept any instructions that you give using your sign-in credentials, and you are responsible for those instructions. Your instructions will have the same legal effect as if they were written instructions and signed by you. 

10.             Security

You are responsible for keeping your sign-in credentials secure and confidential. We will not be responsible for any losses that you may experience if others use your sign-in credentials or if you lose them.

When using Run It Back, it is important that you:

(i)    Do not reveal any confidential information to anyone other than us and do not allow other people to see your device screen when viewing confidential information.

(ii)  Sign out after each session.

(iii) Do not leave your device unattended while using the app.

(iv)  Take reasonable precautions to prevent losing your device or having it stolen.

(v)   Do not let other people use their fingerprints or other biometric tools to access your device.

(vi)  Use reasonable security measures to keep your device safe, such as up-to-date virus scanning software and firewall systems, if those measures are available for your device.

We may impose additional security requirements in connection with the services, and you must comply with those as well.

11.             Service Providers & Third Party Services

We may use other parties to help us provide the services.

These service providers retain all ownership rights, including all intellectual property rights, in their services and to their trademarks and logos that may appear when providing the services. These terms do not confer any right for you: (i) to use their services in any way other than as expressly permitted in Run It Back, or (ii) to use any of their trademarks or logos.

We may offer you access to services provided by third parties that are not affiliated with us or refer you to a third party for other services. We may receive referral fees from third parties when we refer you to them. These referral fees will not affect any fees that you may have to pay to us or to the third party.

Your use of any third party services is at your own risk, and could be subject to additional terms and conditions imposed by the third party.

We are not responsible for any representations or warranties (express or implied) related to any third party services, including any warranties relating to accuracy, completeness, merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose.

12.             Use

Your use of Run It Back is voluntary and solely for your own personal use.

When you use Run It Back you must comply with these terms and with all applicable laws and you cannot do the following things:

(i)    Provide information that is untrue, inaccurate or incomplete;

(ii)  Use Run It Back for any activities that are illegal, fraudulent, harassing or defamatory;

(iii) Use any robot, spider, or any other indexing device;

(iv)  Sell or otherwise distribute the services or allow someone else to sell or distribute the services;

(v)   Do anything that could undermine the security, integrity, effectivity or goodwill of the app or the services; or

(vi)  Reverse-engineer or reverse-compile the source code for the app or any of the service technology.

13.             Ownership

We grant you a non-exclusive license to use Run It Back in accordance with these terms. You cannot transfer this license or assign it to anyone else.

We or our licensors own Run It Back at all times, including:

(i)    The copyright in Run It Back; and

(ii)  All intellectual property rights subsisting on each screen made available through Run It Back.

For greater certainty, unless otherwise indicated, trademarks and logos, and all works, including texts, images, illustrations, software, HTML codes, audio clips and videos appearing within Run It Back are our property, or that of our licensors, and without our express written permission, may not be reproduced, republished, downloaded, posted, transmitted, distributed or modified, in whole or in part, in any form whatsoever, except for personal and non-commercial use, including viewing, printing or archiving of electronic copies of your activities, in accordance with these terms and as we may further instruct you.

Nothing in these terms or within Run It Back is to be interpreted as conferring aright to use our works, trademarks or logos in any other way.

14.              Liabilities and indemnities

We provide Run It Back on an “as is” and “as available basis” and we don’t make any representations or warranties about Run It Back. More specifically, we don’t make any warranties (express or implied) about merchant ability, fitness for a particular purpose, non-infringement or about anything else with respect to Run It Back.

You are responsible for all the information or content that you give us.

Neither we nor any of our subsidiaries or affiliates are responsible for any loss, harm, delay or inconvenience that you may suffer with respect to:

(i)                these terms;

(ii)              your use of Run It Back; or

(iii)            any products or services that you buy from us or from a third party that to whom we’ve referred you.

Neither we nor any of our subsidiaries or affiliates will be responsible or liable for any of these things even if we have been advised of their possibility, or even if we have been negligent.

You release and indemnify us (including our subsidiaries and affiliates) for any claim, cost and liability incurred (i) as a result of your use of Run It Back or (ii) as a result of your breach of these terms.

15.             Records, Enforceability & Assignment

The records (electronic or otherwise) that we keep with respect to Run It Back are final and conclusive. They will be admissible in any legal or administrative proceedings. Electronic records will be admissible in the same manner as original paper documents. You waive any right to object to the introduction of any such electronic records into evidence.

You agree to these terms in electronic form and these terms are binding between you and us. You will not contest that these terms are not valid or enforceable because you accepted these terms electronically.

If any provision of these terms is found to be invalid or unenforceable, the other provisions will remain valid and enforceable. If we fail to enforce the performance of any provision it does not mean that we have waived the provision or any right.

We can assign or transfer these terms, including the rights and obligations under these terms, to another person on notice to you.

You cannot assign or transfer these terms, or any of the rights or obligations set out in these terms, to any other person.

16.             Language

You and we have expressly requested that these terms and all related documents, including notices, be drawn up in the English language. Vous et nous avons expressément demandéque cette entente et tout document y afférent, y compris tout avis, soientrédigés en langue anglaise. (Quebec only / Québec seulement).

17.             Governing law

These terms are governed by the laws of Ontario and the laws of Canada applicable in Ontario. Ontario courts have exclusive jurisdiction over each of us for the determination of any matters arising out of these terms.